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07/18/11  •  Articles

Miki Ando Launches a New Website

Fresh on the heels of her second World title, Miki Ando launched a new website ( in May. The bold design, with shades of purple on black, provides a nice backdrop for highlighting the career of one of Japan’s top stars. Drawback: the majority...



“Artistic Impressions” by Mary Louise Adams

For those who want something a little more substantial, I recommend “Artistic Impressions” by Mary Louise Adams. This is not a book that can be skimmed through. It does, however, offer an excellent history of the sport with respect to gender. Adams began...


07/05/11  •  Articles

Summer Skating Shows in East Asia

After the relocation of the 2011 World Championships and the cancellation of the World Team Trophy this season, figure skating will make a triumphant return to Japan this summer on the show circuit. One of the biggest shows on the agenda is “Fantasy on Ice...



Alex and Maia Shibutani Get Social: Facebook is Their Website

Instead of having an official website, Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani keep their fans up to date by maintaining an active Facebook page. During competitions, they provide periodic updates, and fans encourage them with good luck wishes. It seems like they...


06/16/11  •  Articles

Alena Leonova’s Noteworthy Blog

Alena Leonova’s website is a breath of fresh air, much like her skating. A crisp design in a cheery shade of tomato red greets visitors, with much of the content offered in both English and Russian ( Leonova’s personality permeates...

06/14/11  •  Articles

Show Time!

Spring and summer always bring a new wave of shows. Two notable ones are taking place in opposite corners of the globe in May. Three performances of “KCC Switzen All That Skate Spring” will take place in Seoul, South Korea, beginning on May 6. These shows...



"Dancing on Ice" Still a Hit in Britain

“Skating With the Stars” may have flopped in the U.S., but its British cousin, “Dancing on Ice,” is still going strong. The annual show began in 2006, and the recent sixth series generated 10.23 million viewers for its premiere, the highest ever for an opening...

06/10/11  •  Articles

New Era for IFS

Have you ever wanted a captive, focused audience that would hang on every word of your recap of highlights from your latest skating adventure, be it a trip to a Worlds, nationals, a Grand Prix event or Four Continents? Would you like to share your photos...


06/10/11  •  Articles

Book review: Indelible Tracings by Patricia Shelley Bushman

After seeing “RISE” I was still curious about the athletes lost in the plane crash. Fortunately, I received “Indelible Tracings,” a new book by Patricia Shelley Bushman, two weeks later. The hefty 500-page hardcover edition is the definitive collection of...



End of One Dream Gave “RISE” to Another

On Feb. 15, 1961, the entire U.S. World figure skating delegation lost their lives when Sabena Flight 548 crashed on its landing approach in Belgium. It was a devastating tragedy and, in the immediate aftermath, the future of one of the world’s greatest...

05/28/11  •  Articles

Johnny Weir’s World

Still riding the wave of success after his mainstream popularity skyrocketed following the 2010 Olympic Games, Johnny Weir released his memoir on Jan. 11. “Welcome to My World” is life as Weir sees it, laced with a touch of the trademark attitude that has...

05/27/11  •  Articles

YouTube: Keeping Tabs on the “Next Ones”

When the Shibutanis made a huge splash on the senior level this season, many of skating’s dedicated supporters already knew they were on the rise. Five years ago, this wasn’t the norm. So what has changed? One word: YouTube. It’s a noun and a verb, all rolled...


05/05/11  •  Inner Loop

2011 Canadians: Backstage Photos

Photos from the banquet at 2011 Canadian nationals.


04/26/11  •  Articles

“Skating with the Stars:” ABC’s Take on Skating Reality

In keeping with the tradition of its wildly successful “Dancing with the Stars,” ABC added “Skating with the Stars” to its lineup in November 2010. The short, five-week series put six pairs to the test, each composed of a professional figure skater and a...


04/25/11  •  Articles

"Skate for Life:" Teens Organize Benefit Show

“Skate for Life” will take place at the Mennen Sports Arena in Morristown, N.J., on April 3. The charity event, which is aimed at raising funds for breast-cancer research, will feature a number of U.S. and international skaters. The star-studded cast boasts...


04/19/11  •  Articles

"Triumph on Ice" - Jean Senft Pens a New Book

Many in the skating world expected Jean Senft to detail judging scandals in her newly released book “Triumph on Ice.” It is difficult to think of Senft without remembering the aftermath of the judging of the ice dance event at the 1998 Olympics. But this...


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