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01/20/13  •  Articles

Winning Pairs

The 2013 Canadian national pairs podium: Rudi Swiegers and Paige Lawrence (bronze), Eric Radford and Meagan Duhamel (gold) and Dylan Moscovitch and Kirsten Moore-Towers (silver).

01/05/13  •  Articles

Saturday Night at the Movies

According to Jirina Ribbins, there may have been more talented skaters, but no tougher ladies' singles competitor of her generation than East Germany's Katarina Witt. The four-time World and European Champion could switch it on when she needed to, defeating...

12/29/12  •  Articles

Saturday Night at the Movies: Quad Mania!

Male skaters first dabbled with skating's equivalent to breaking the sound barrier as far back as the late 1970s. The first men to try quads in actual competition included Alexandr Fadeev, Josef Sabovcik and Brian Boitano. The landing honors however, fell...

12/22/12  •  Articles

Saturday Night at the Movies

All Is Calm, All is Bright... In celebration of the current festive season, here are a pair of classics from the past for you to enjoy. According to legend, the former United States and 1983 World champion, Rosalynn Sumners, had planned to use a diffferent...


12/17/12  •  FEATURES


When people think of modern show skating they immediately conjure up images that include the hottest skaters of the day, glitzy lighting and big tricks. If you’re lucky, a tour breezes into your town, hands you two hours of jam-packed sensory overload and...

12/15/12  •  Articles

Saturday Night at the Movies

Away from competitive skating since 2007, Canada's Emanuel Sandhu placed fifth at the Skate Canada Challenge earlier this month. Brilliant when he was on and a hair-pulling experience for his fans when he wasn't, at his best the young man with a background...


12/03/12  •  Articles

Looking for a skating gift? A subscription to International Figure Skating makes for a great stocking stuffer.


12/01/12  •  Articles

Saturday Night at the Movies

In the lead up to next week's Grand Prix Final in Sochi, Russia, two young singles skaters surge into the event having stood at the top of their games and the leader board respectively this season. Fire On Ice Yuzuru Hanyu is a big part of the impressive...


11/24/12  •  Articles

Saturday Night at the Movies

Looking Back at Savchenko and Szolkowy Choreographed by their coach, Ingo Steuer, this short program from 2005 to Jean-Michel Jarre's "Souvenir De Chine" is sensual, fluid and showcases intricate transitions. Only breaking contact to perform the side-by...

11/10/12  •  Articles

Saturday Night at the Movies

"Somewhere In Time" Guaranteed to give you chills, the late John Barry's lush orchestrations have been used by skaters many times. A master composer, he wrote award-winning musical backdrops to many films, ranging from "Dances With Wolves," "Out of Africa...


11/04/12  •  INNER LOOP

Backstage Pass

The ladies podium at the Salt Lake City International: Gracie Gold (silver), Agnes Zawadzki (gold) and Amélie Lacoste (bronze). IFS takes you behind the scene at Finlandia Trophy, "Evening With Champions" and Salt Lake City International. Read more...›

11/03/12  •  Articles

Saturday Night at the Movies

Barely a teenager when she appeared on the senior scene, Irina Slutskaya competed on the international circuit for more than a decade. The tiny powerhouse helped put Russian ladies' skating back on the global map, winning seven European and two World titles...


10/20/12  •  Articles

Saturday Night at the Movies

Prior to teaming up in mid 2010, Russia's Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov both had solid international careers with previous partners. Volosozhar skated for five seasons from 2004/05 for the Ukraine with Stanislav Morozov. Together, the duo went to...


10/20/12  •  SHORT PROGRAM

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Kiira Korpi, Carolina Kostner, Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier

Virtue and Moir look toward 2014; Korpi back on track after dealing with diagnosed and undiagnosed injuries; Kostner explains why she is sitting out the Grand Prix season; Gilles and Poirier excited about their future. Read more...›



Saturday Night at the Movies

Remembering A Masterpiece: The Original "Singin' In the Rain." He is one of the most recognized and respected names. Known as the first man to land a quadruple jump in ISU competition (at the 1988 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary), as his eligible...


10/06/12  •  Articles

Pandora Skating Series

Disson Skating is kicking off the 2012-13 Pandora NBC Skating Series, featuring Olympic, world and national champions in figure skating, as well as world-renowned music superstars. The shows will be taped in front of live audiences across the United States—from...



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