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01/22/13  •  Articles

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje

The clock is clearly ticking against them but Kaitlyn Weaver isn’t ready to shut it down just yet. Standing on crutches with a black boot encasing her fractured left fibula, the Canadian ice dancer sounded anything but like a 23-year-old woman ready to give...


01/20/13  •  Articles

Piper Gilles Catching Canadian Fever

She isn’t officially Canadian yet. But paperwork aside, Piper Gilles is surely warming up to this being Canadian thing. She beamed proudly about the white dress she wore during Saturday’s short dance competition at the Hershey Centre — with a big band of...

01/20/13  •  Articles

Rob's Blog: Kevin Reynolds Movin' On Up

Kevin Reynolds made a little history last night. But perhaps more importantly, he showed he’s getting closer to being a bigger player on the world stage. The lanky 5-10 Coquitlam, B.C. native became the first Canadian skater to land three quads in a free...


01/20/13  •  Articles

Rob's Blog: "Generation Next"

"Generation Next" took the senior women’s competition by storm Saturday night. While Newfoundland native Kaetlyn Osmond did the expected — widening a 12.18-point lead after the short program to nearly 38 and winning her first Canadian title with a spectacular...


01/20/13  •  Articles

Rob's Blog: A Matter of Deduction for Virtue and Moir

A fifth national title, sealed rather emphatically with a solid short and a powerful free dance. Should have been reason for nothing but smiles for Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. And yes, if you’ll pardon the pun, maybe a little happy dance. But alas, there...


01/19/13  •  Articles

Robs Blog

The seeds of her rocket-like ascent are often said to have been planted at the end of October, when Kaetlyn Osmond burst upon the scene in a major way with a stunning victory at Skate Canada. Her confidence level has been zooming ever since. She displayed...


12/17/12  •  SHORT PROGRAM

Stéphane Lambiel: A Different Perspective

His own personal glory days on the ice are now tucked away in the past, something that Swiss star Stéphane Lambiel is more than content with. But the two-time World champion said he will always remain very connected to the ice — and invested in the efforts...


12/17/12  •  SHORT PROGRAM

Nobunari Oda Looking to Regain His Form

The long road back is starting to pay dividends for Japan’s Nobunari Oda. On the heels of a 2011-12 season that was a virtual write-off because of a left knee injury, the 25-year-old is hoping to regain his status as a top contender on the global scene...


12/17/12  •  SHORT PROGRAM

Kaetlyn Osmond Golden at Senior Debut

Canada’s Kaetlyn Osmond doesn’t have to be told everything is happening at a rapid pace. She lives it every day and hears it in the voices of those who embrace her burgeoning potential. Less than two years ago, Osmond was placing 10th at Junior Grand Prix...


12/17/12  •  SHORT PROGRAM

Stefania Berton and Ondřej Hotárek Set a New Standard

Call them pioneers in their homeland, trailblazers for a new generation of Italian pairs skating. When Stefania Berton and Ondřej Hotárek first joined forces a little more than three years ago, they had no idea what their partnership might inspire. But Italy...


11/07/12  •  Articles

Elene Gedevanishvili Feeling the Music

There was a point in her life when Elene Gedevanishvili considered quitting the sport. But the diminutive skater who hails from the Republic of Georgia decided that a change of environment might be just what she needed. And so it was that Gedevanishvili...


10/26/12  •  Articles

Rob's Blog

By Rob Brodie WINDSOR, Ont. — When you think of “skating cities,” this certainly isn’t one that first comes to mind. Not even in a country that embraces its image as a land of ice and sno. In fact, it might be said the 2012 Skate Canada International being...


10/22/12  •  COVER STORY

Patrick Chan: Taking Control

Somewhere between emotion and analysis, Chan realized after the 2010 Games that he still had much more to give, so many things to discover and so much more to learn. And he will tell you today that there are still plenty more goals to chase. More ways for...


10/22/12  •  REFLECTIONS

Barbara Ann Scott: A Legend in Her Own Time

To a nation that was still nursing the scars of six years of global turmoil, Barbara Ann Scott was a godsend. “Canada’s Sweetheart,” as she became known, was the first great national sporting hero to emerge following World War II. Scott was drawn to skating...


10/20/12  •  Articles

New Moves for Steven Cousins

It has been a big year for Great Britain's Steven Cousins. The eight-time national champion and three-time Olympian celebrated his 40th birthday in late May. A few months later he began a new chapter in his professional career as event manager for this season’s...


09/05/12  •  SHORT PROGRAM

Kevin Reynolds Gets a Choreographic Makeover

More than a decade later, Canada’s Kevin Reynolds can still recall a most remarkable scene — one that him left both awestruck and motivated beyond belief. The occasion was the 2001 World Figure Skating Championships, which were held almost in his backyard...


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